CycleHop, the largest Smart-Bike operator in North America, announced today that it will start distributing and operating station-less Smart-Bikes in the U.S. and Canada. The station-less bikes will be available at a much lower cost than current North American bike share systems.

On a recent visit to China, CycleHop’s management team studied the way station-less bikes are being deployed and used in Shanghai, and are taking these lessons back to North America. Josh Squire, CEO of CycleHop states that, “there are clear differences between the way Chinese and the North American cities allow for use of the public right-of-way by private enterprise. For station-less bike share to work well in the U.S. we must modify the China station-less approach to a model similar to what CycleHop has already proven to be a successful Smart-Bike approach in cities like Santa Monica, Phoenix, Tampa, and many other cities. Another takeaway from the visit to China was the universal appeal of bike share. Both American and Chinese consumers love using the bicycle for last-mile trips. It is a very popular, fun, and healthy way to get around town.”

“The key advantages of station-less Smart-Bike systems are the lower cost of the bicycles and having no stations costs. Station-less bike share also allows for greater coverage and volumes, as well as ease of use for consumers as the bicycles are available when and where they need them. If implemented in a responsible way this innovative product can provide a good bike share solution for a greater range of North American cities and campuses.” shares Squire.

CycleHop has pioneered Smart-Bike systems planning and operations in North America, accumulating over 5 years of experience operating Smart-Bike bike sharing systems.  Station-less Smart-Bikes are currently infiltrating the Asian marketplace, however there are many challenges to cities with its current implementation methods. Learning from the early experiences of Smart-Bikes in the USA and Asia, CycleHop plans to overcome many of the current challenges with deploying these systems and plans to deploy station-less bike share in a responsible way and in cooperation with local government.

CycleHop is excited about the future of the bike sharing industry and looks forward to serving customers in the best way possible with the best equipment and technology available in the industry.

If your City or campus is looking to implement or expand bike share please contact CycleHop, the Smart-Bike experts.