Ottawa-Gatineau Bike Share Program Announces New Brand


Velogo Bike Share

The Ottawa-Gatineau bike share program is introducing new bike share equipment and a fresh brand name. The former “Capital BIXI” program will now be known as VeloGo.

The VeloGo name is a natural representation of the bilingual Capital Region, as the French word “Velo” translates to “Bike” in English, and the word “Go” is linked internationally with transportation.

VeloGo also features fun graphical elements aimed to inspire and motivate people to ride bicycles for both transportation and recreation trips.

In addition to the new and exciting name, CycleHop is rolling out five (5) bike share stations this week to demonstrate Social Bicycles “Smart Bike” technology. The public is invited to participate in the demonstrations starting October 10th through November 15th. We also encourage everyone to visit the VeloGo website to learn more about the program and to suggest bike share locations.

VeloGo plans to launch the full system in the spring and expand to 50 locations throughout Ottawa and Gatineau.